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The soils

A terroir is a group of vineyards from the same region of the same name, sharing the same soil type and climatic conditions, which contribute to give the wine a unique specificity.

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The A.O.C.
This is the highest category of wines from France.
The AOC wines whose development is subject to strict rules set by the National Institute of Appellations of Origin wines and eaux-de-vie (INAO).
These rules, which guarantee the quality, authenticity and specificity of the product are approved by a decree of the Ministry of Agriculture.
They are:
  • the production area, delimited by piece,
  • the nature of the vine,
  • the conduct of the vine (cropping and size, planting density)
  • the maximum yield per hectare,
  • the minimum natural alcoholic,
  • processes of vinification and conservation
  • tasting mandatory certification, accompanied by a chemical analysis.
  - Thus, all the factors that determine the authenticity and quality of the wine, from the ground up glass are determined and are subject to strict control. The AOC wines are each a unique product, fruit of the soil, or of vines and the talent of the man.
- There are in France for about 400 wine appellations of origin (there are also AOC alcohols, such as Cognac, Armagnac, Mirabelle de Lorraine, Calvados ...). At the end of the 1986 harvest, the AOC wines accounted for 29% by volume of French wine production or 21.2 million hectoliters, and 71% in value.

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