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The wines of Provence have a very ancient origin. The Greeks, the founders of the good city of Marseilles, planted the first vines. Caesar speaks in his memoirs during the conquest of Gaul.
Provence wine is produced on the Provençal coast, along the Mediterranean, La Ciotat to Saint-Raphael, then Sanary to Carnoules and around the valley of the Var.
Many varieties are used in the design of the Provence wine. We may retain among the red varieties: Carignan, Cinsault, Mourvèdre. Among white varieties: Ugni, Clairette and Rolle.
Rosé is the specialty of the region. It is tasty, fruity and a shimmering dress.
The white wine is quite dry, and sometimes sparkling. It marries perfectly with seafood nearby.
Thus the Provence wine is the essential companion to the bouillabaisse and salad nicoise.
Wines of Provence
  • Cotes de Provence
  • Bandol
  • Bellet



The island of Corsica, the southern French coast, is affectionately known as "the island of beauty".
The Corsican vineyards cover 7,600 hectares and produce more than 400,000 hectoliters.
The sunshine of the island is exceptional 2750 hours per year, tempered by the influence of the sea Under these conditions, the wines produced on the island are generally tasty. Corsica offers subtle rosé and white wines from grape varieties with exotic names: Sciacarello or Nielluccio.
They should be drunk young, fresh, as an aperitif or with a light meal.
The best wines come from the Corsican coastal regions.

wines of Corse


On a calcareous soil and enjoying ideal weather conditions, Patrimonio is the land par excellence of the island of beauty, and it keeps getting better. The rosés are very typical. The fame of the white Vermentino grape through, cross today coasts of the island. Has since 1968 Patrimonio appellation of controlled origin.
The terroir of Ajaccio produces mainly red wines, they can be kept for a few years.


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